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Account Creation Assistance.

Follow the steps below to create and/or connect your Consumer Connect account to your loan.

Step 1

Upon your loan file being disclosed, you will receive an email from Norcom as seen below.

You will have 2 options:

Option 1: you can select “click here to visit the website” and it will direct you to the Norcom portal where you set up your initial e-consent. As seen highlighted below, you will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number once in the Portal.


Option 2: you can view the video link below which will walk you through the complete e-sign process.

Step 1: Receive email from Norcom to begin disclosures.
Step 2

You will create an account the first time you access your loan portal.

You will select a username and password along with 1 security question. Remember to keep these handy as you will need them anytime new disclosure are sent to you. You an also send required documents through this portal confidentially.

Step 2: Create an account, select username and password.
Step 3

You will receive an immediate popup asking to verify your email address.

Step 3: Email verification
Step 4

At this time, you will check your email for the following notification.

Step 4: Check your email for verification.
Step 5

After clicking on the link, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password.

Step 5: Log in with username and password.
Step 6

You will be prompted to enter in your last 4 digits of your SSN#.

Step 6: Enter last 4 digits of SSN#
Step 7

You are now in your loan portal. You will click the button “Review Electronic Consent”.

By clicking this button you are allowing Norcom to send all documents pertaining to your loan through this portal for easy access to sign and return all required documents.

Step 7: Review Electronic Consent.
Step 8

Read and review terms and conditions, then click the "I Accept" button below to complete the eConsent process.

Step 8: Click
Step 9

After you have accepted the eConsent you will see the following:

Step 9: Ready to Send and Receive

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