Cale Ferland


"I love my work because I love the people"

Cale Ferland VP of Direct Lending

NMLS ID # 34164

Direct: 201-192-1920

Toll free: 844-515-2900


Cale Ferland is an accomplished mortgage specialist with 15+ years of experience helping individuals and families navigate the mortgage process and realize their homeownership goals. Blending together a passion for people, math, and solving puzzles, he provides a concierge level of services and effectively matches his clients’ needs regardless of their financial situations. A father, husband, coach, and community member on top of being a professional, Cale understands how busy people are and knows very well the importance of finding ideal properties for people juggling all that life throws at them.

With an extensive background in customer service and management, Cale takes pride in being an advisor, partner, and friend as he trains others to become successful in their respective career paths.

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